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Wouldn’t you like to improve your golf game? Just about anyone who golfs, whether they do it once in a while for some recreation and exercise, or they are serious about the sport and try to golf a couple of times a month, is likely to want to find ways that they can learn more and get better at the sport. With the help of Matt Henderson and GolferBlueprint.com, you will be able to start improving your game.

The Benefits of Using Golfer Blueprint

This website will put the secrets of pro golfers right at your fingertips. There will be videos to golfers of any skill level, and one of the big benefits of using the site is that you can watch these videos more than once to be sure that you get the hang of what you are trying to learn.

Best of all, though, you aren’t going to be learning from just anyone. You get to learn from Matt Henderson, a golf instructor with a list of impressive credentials. Let’s get a closer look at Matt and see just why you want him to be your instructor.

Meet Matt Henderson, Your New Golf Instructor

When you learn from a golf instructor, it is only natural that you want to be sure you are working with the very best. Matt Henderson is the current Director of Instruction at TPC Las Vegas. His specialty is helping to develop competitive players with a concentration in short game. He has students that are competing at every level in the sport. This includes junior golf all the way to the national level USGA events and professional tours. He has the experience and knowledge to help you.

Henderson carries advanced certifications from Titleist Performance Institute, BokiTrak, and FlightScope, and he is a Class A member of the PGA of American. Prior to being at TPC Las Vegas, Henderson was working at the University of Texas as the Director of Instruction for the Men’s Golf Team. Earlier in his career, Henderson was working with Dave Pelz, a Golf Digest Top 5 Instructor, in Boca Raton, FL.

Henderson has earned a number of honors and awards over the years. This includes being named as one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers, a Golf Digest Best Teacher in Nevada (from 2012 to the present), the SNCPGA 2013 Teacher of the Year Award, the SNCPGA 2013 and 2017 Player Development Award, and the SNCPGA 2018 Horton Smith Award for Contributions in Education.

To top it off, Henderson also has his first book, Realtime Scoring, coming out in the fall of 2019. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose GolferBlueprint.com and learn from Matt Henderson.

When you want to improve in golf, and you want to do it in a manner that is easy and convenient for you, check out what GolferBlueprint.com can offer. You will be happy with the results as you see your skill and your confidence levels start to rise. It is time to become a better golfer.

Resource: Matt Henderson and Sean McCaffery