Most fairways are set back in flawless parkland or affectionately set on in an excellent coastline area.

Be that as it may, there are special Golf Courses you may not know! So, we should take a look at the longest, hottest, coolest, perilous and above all weirdest Places to play Golf around the world. The increasing popularity of this sport has seen golf courses hike up in some unlikely places. Here are the strange and great Golf courses which you won’t found in the normal Golf guide:-

  1. The Longest Golf Course:

The normal round of golf more often than not keeps going a couple of hours, yet forthcoming players on the Nullarbor Links Course in southern Australia can hope to finish the course in more like four days. Measuring 848 miles long the course is the longest on the planet and traverses two time zones with holes arranged at 18 towns and administration stations pointed along the Nullarbor Plain.

  1. The Hottest Golf Course: 

Located on the edge of the active volcano on Mount Merapi in Indonesia, the Merapi Golf Course is a standout amongst the most uncommon courses on the planet. The course has amazing views around and is one of just a modest bunch of courses where golf is played by active volcano in the world – in spite of the fact that the course planners are yet to incorporate lava risks.

  1. The Coldest Golf Course:

Uummannaq in Greenland is the home for the World Ice Golf Championships where the whole course is laid on big chunks of icebergs and the rounds of golf are played in minus temperatures. The guidelines continue as same as the regular golf tournament in spite of the fact that the course is somewhat shorter, the gaps are somewhat bigger, the ball is orange and the courses are not green, but is white.

  1. The Highest Golf Course:

If you are struggling to get distance on your drives then head to the Government Golf Course in India, State of Jammu & Kashmir’s Gulmarg. The course is the highest in the world at over 8,500 feet. The Golf course was established by British colonials in the year of 1904. The air is so thin on the course because of the altitude which means that the ball will travel further distances to increase your drive.

  1. THE Golf Course on Airport:

Don Mueang International airport in Bangkok looks resembles to any other airport in the world from a long distance…however, on approach and right in-between the two busy runways; there is an 18-hole golf course. Imagine a Boeing 747 disrupting your drive swing!

  1. The Most dangerous Golf Course:

Camp Bonifas is the nearest military base to North Korea on the border in Panmunjom and is also home to what has been named the world’s most dangerous golf course. The ‘course’ is a single hole, par three which stretches to 192 yards. This is close to the most heavily fortified border in the world. What’s more, it is not a place for a stroll in the rough either – the Golf course is ringed by landmines.

  1. The Nude Golf Course:

Set up in 1993 the fairway of La Jenny in France is one of only a handful couple of spots on the planet which provides sport particularly for nude golfers who want to sharpen their skills au natural. This is the only naturist & nude Golf course not only in Europe, but also in the world. La Jenny even has its own particular professional and stages various competitions consistently.

  1. The Crocodile Golf Course:

This impressive 18-hole, par 72 cart Golf course is located in The Palace at the Lost City, South Africa. The course spreads out more than 100 hectares with various themes for golf courses. Right from desert to mountains and parkland, you’ll find here. It incorporates an impressive 28 000m² (about 92 000ft²) area of water features, with perhaps its most famous feature is being the water hazard on the 13th hole. That is the home for Nile crocodiles!

  1. The Most Remote Golf Course:

Imagine playing golf in the Himalaya Mountains. Well now you don’t need to imagine any more.

The Royal Thimpu Golf club is in the small country of Bhutan which claims now to be the most remote golf course on the planet. This club located just outside of Bhutan’s capital Thimpu. It’s 9-hole layout that sits beside the spectacular 17th century Tashicho Dzong ( The palace & office of the King of Bhutan)

  1. The War Zone golf Course in Kabul:

Kabul Golf Club, Afghanistan is located in the Al Qaeda war zone. Golf has been played in Afghanistan for over 100 years, yet nowadays the Kabul Golf Club is known worldwide as War Zone Golf Course. These whole areas are vigorously protected by AK-47 while you’re playing. This nine-hole thriller comes with a mandatory army checkpoint, burnt-out and bombed-out greens and the chances are to putt it out for peace!


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