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Wouldn’t you like to improve your golf game? Just about anyone who golfs, whether they do it once in a while for some recreation and exercise, or they are serious about the sport and try to golf a couple of times a month, is likely to want to find ways that they can learn more and get better at the sport. With the help of Matt Henderson and, you will be able to start improving your game.

The Benefits of Using Golfer Blueprint

This website will put the secrets of pro golfers right at your fingertips. There will be videos to golfers of any skill level, and one of the big benefits of using the site is that you can watch these videos more than once to be sure that you get the hang of what you are trying to learn.

Best of all, though, you aren’t going to be learning from just anyone. You get to learn from Matt Henderson, a golf instructor with a list of impressive credentials. Let’s get a closer look at Matt and see just why you want him to be your instructor.

Meet Matt Henderson, Your New Golf Instructor

When you learn from a golf instructor, it is only natural that you want to be sure you are working with the very best. Matt Henderson is the current Director of Instruction at TPC Las Vegas. His specialty is helping to develop competitive players with a concentration in short game. He has students that are competing at every level in the sport. This includes junior golf all the way to the national level USGA events and professional tours. He has the experience and knowledge to help you.

Henderson carries advanced certifications from Titleist Performance Institute, BokiTrak, and FlightScope, and he is a Class A member of the PGA of American. Prior to being at TPC Las Vegas, Henderson was working at the University of Texas as the Director of Instruction for the Men’s Golf Team. Earlier in his career, Henderson was working with Dave Pelz, a Golf Digest Top 5 Instructor, in Boca Raton, FL.

Henderson has earned a number of honors and awards over the years. This includes being named as one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers, a Golf Digest Best Teacher in Nevada (from 2012 to the present), the SNCPGA 2013 Teacher of the Year Award, the SNCPGA 2013 and 2017 Player Development Award, and the SNCPGA 2018 Horton Smith Award for Contributions in Education.

To top it off, Henderson also has his first book, Realtime Scoring, coming out in the fall of 2019. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose and learn from Matt Henderson.

When you want to improve in golf, and you want to do it in a manner that is easy and convenient for you, check out what can offer. You will be happy with the results as you see your skill and your confidence levels start to rise. It is time to become a better golfer.

Resource: Matt Henderson and Sean McCaffery

The Masters is one of the most important championships in professional golf, and it is played each year in Augusta, GA. The upcoming 2019 event will be the 83rd time that the Masters tournament has been played, and it will take place between the dates of April 8 to April 14.

A Quick History of the Masters

The first Masters tournament was hosted in1934 by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. When it was first conceived, Clifford Roberts wanted to call the tournament the Masters, but Jones did not like the name. For the first five years of its existence, it was known as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. Jones finally changed the name in 1939, and from that point forward, it was known as the Masters.

The best golfers compete at the Masters, and some of the biggest names in the sport have been winners at the event. The golfer responsible for the most wins at the Masters tournament would be Jack Nicklaus, with six wins. These were between 1963 and 1986. Following Nicklaus are Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, both of whom have won the event four times. Golfers who have three wins each under their belt include Jimmy Demaret, Sam Snead, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, and Phil Mickelson.

Why is the Masters such a “big deal” in the sport? This tournament brings together some of the best golfers in the world and allows them to compete head to head with one another to see who is playing their best golf at the time. It is a time to see who is the best of the best. The current defending champion is Patrick Reed.

How Does the Masters Tournament Work?

The tournament will begin on Monday, April 8 with practice rounds. These practice rounds go on for three days. During that time, there will also be the Champion’s Dinner, and the Par-3 Contest. The first actual round of the Masters will begin on Thursday, April 11. On each of the following days, another round will be played. At the end of the fourth round on Sunday comes the trophy presentation and the Green Jacket ceremony for the winner of the Masters.

Can You See the Masters?

Seeing this tournament live is a dream for many people who love this sport. However, it is not always as easy as you might hope. You need to apply early for tickets, which are then provided through a lottery system. Only some people will be able to have the chance to buy the tickets at all. For the April 2019 tickets, the costs for those who have been chosen through the lottery are $75 for practice round tickets and $115 for daily tournament tickets.

Of course, the vast majority of people will not be fortunate enough to win the opportunity to buy these tickets. Fortunately, you will always be able to catch the tournament on television or online.


The Internet is the perfect place to start learning about nearly anything that interests you, and that is certainly true when it comes to golf. The web will allow you to learn more about the history of the game and it is easy to find out more about some of the great players who have graced the greens over the years. You can study video of the great golfers, check out golf courses, learn about new clubs and other types of equipment and more online. Why not look for a quality golf school online that can help to take your game up a level or two?

A Wealth of Subjects

If you are working with just an instructor in person, you will be limited by that instructor’s knowledge and experience. When you are learning through an online school, you will find that it tends to be much easier for you to learn about other subjects and topics. Different instructors and professionals can provide their insight and knowledge to the courses and lessons that you are taking.


One of the other big reasons that online schooling is popular for so many different types of subjects is the convenience it can offer. Instead of needing to travel to a location for the lesson, you can simply take your lessons in the privacy of your own home. This means less driving and less hassle, but you still get the same quality instruction and knowledge that you would get in person.


People all learn at different rates, and sometimes, you might want to spend some additional time on certain aspects of a lesson. When you are in an online school, you can repeat your lessons and go at a pace that will be more comfortable to you.

Better Cost

When you are taking live lessons, whether you are going through an offline school, or you are taking private lessons, the cost can be quite high. One of the benefits of working with a golf school online would be the fact that they tend to have lower costs.

What Should You Look for With the Best Online Golf School?

Of course, you can’t simply choose just any school and expect results. Instead, you want to find the best online golf school that will help you improve your game and your knowledge. You want to have a school that can supply you with information from the pros from various courses, and that can provide reputable instruction, drills, and techniques for different parts of the game. Learn more about who will be providing the lessons when you are considering your golf school.

If you want to learn more about golf and ways that you can improve your game, be sure to check out the best golf school online, Golfer’s Blueprint. Learn more about the options and offerings that are available to you and then enroll in the online school to start taking your game to the next level. There will be more details coming soon for this new online golf school.


During the recent $25 million renovation that the Biltmore Hotel and Golf Course underwent, the course saw some massive changes. The course was remade to be as close to the original design from the 1920s as possible. However, another change was made, as well. Now, Jim McLean Golf Schools is located at the Biltmore. There are a number of these schools around the world, including in Madrid, Texas, and Seoul to name a few places. However, the main headquarters of the school is located at the Biltmore Golf Course.

What Makes This School so Special?

Already, the Jim McLean Golf School has been called the #1 Golf School in the World, and there are many reasons that it has acquired this nickname. If you might be headed to the South Florida area and you are curious about the school, consider some of the different types of classes and courses that are available.

There are lessons and training throughout the year at the school. One of the most popular options is their three-day school. This is a 20-hour program that has a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. The school will be led by a Master or a Lead Master Instructor. It includes digital video swing analysis, personalized instruction video, and the Jim McLean Workbook.

In addition, there are two-day schools available for golfers of all skill levels, and the three-day and two-day pro session experience, which will include 12 total hours with the instructor. Schools are available in both the winter and the summer.

In addition to the golf schools, which you will take with other people, there are also private lessons available. These could be a good option for those who want to have some additional personal attention when it comes to their training. You can choose to work with a Certified Instructor, a Master Instructor, or a Lead Master Instructor.

Junior golf programs are available through Jim McLean Golf School at the Biltmore, as well. They have an Elementary program that can help to act as an introduction to golf and to help children who are between six and nine years old to improve their golf game. There are beginner and intermediate courses available. In addition, there is a Middle School program that is a good solution to those who are between 10 and 13 years old. The High School program is for older students looking to improve their skills. Of course, it is also possible to have private lessons for kids, and again, they can be through a Certified Instructor, a Master Instructor, or a Lead Master Instructor.

Another option to consider at the school would be to go through training with Jim Mclean. It is possible to get private instruction from Jim in the morning, to take an all-day lesson, or to take private lessons.

Keep Improving Your Game

Golfers always want to strive to improve their game but going to South Florida to attend one of these classes may not always be in the cards. In that case, consider looking at some other options, such as Golfer’s Blueprint Online Golf Lessons.


The Biltmore Hotel in Miami is one of the most famous and iconic hotels in all of South Florida. The Coral Gables property recently underwent a $25 million renovation to the guestrooms, as well as the famous golf course on the property. The restoration to the golf course was highly anticipated, and it was overseen by Brian Silva, the architect for the golf course. The goal was to restore the course, so that it would be the same as the original layout from Donald Ross, which was designed in 1925.

The Restoration

The Biltmore Golf Course reopened on December 15, 2018. Golfers soon saw that there were quite a few changes made to the 18-hole 71-par golf course. All of the tees, fairways, greens, and bunkers were restored. Out of the original 85 sand bunkers, 84 of them were restored to the 1925 style and conditions. The fairway movement was restored to what it had been, and the back tee yardage was bumped up to 7,112 yards. They worked hard to make it as accurate as possible to the original, and the changes they made have been welcomed.

What Does the Biltmore Golf Course Offer?

For years, the Biltmore Golf Course has been the home of the NCAA Hurricane Invitational, as well as the Miami Women’s golf team. In January of 2019, it became the home to the headquarters of the Jim McLean Golf School. This school offers different types of golf instruction. Those who are interested could take private lessons, attend one of the multiday schools, or a corporate clinic. Their goal is to help people improve their game.

In addition, the Biltmore Golf Course includes a wide range of amenities. The golf clubhouse is called the 19th Hole, and it is a restaurant and a bar. In addition, there is a golf shop that is stocked with everything you might need, along with locker rooms for men and for women. The golf course also has practice facilities including a practice putting green, chipping area, artificial turf hitting surfaces, and more. The course features electric golf carts that have a GPS system installed, golf club rental, a fitting and repair center, and much more.

The renovation has helped to ensure that that course remains challenging, and that you get the best of both worlds – a classic course and all of the modern conveniences you could need.

Take Time to Visit the Course

If you are heading to the South Florida area for business or for pleasure, you may want to book a round or two of golf at the Biltmore Golf Course. Even if you were there a few years ago to play on the course, the new renovation has made it a brand new experience. Take a round or two to check it out and see how you fare against the original course. It is in a beautiful location, and it should provide you with a nice challenge.


Between January 22 and 25, the PGA Merchandise Show will be held in Orlando, Florida. This promises to be a huge event with more than 40,000 professionals from the golf industry getting together at the Orange County Convention Center.

There will be a a lot of new golf-related equipment and merchandise from a range of vendors shown at the event. This will give professionals an inside look at some of the upcoming products.

What Types of Items Will Be Displayed?

Vendors who are coming to the event will have many different types of items with them to present at the PGA Merchandise Show. Some of the items include golf clothing and apparel, bags, balls, trophies, and awards, food, equipment, gifts, services, training aids, various types of technology, and more. In addition, there will even be information on travel destinations. Some of the most impressive golf travel destinations today are located in places such as China, Ireland, Scotland, and the Dominican Republic. Representatives from resorts in those countries will be on hand to highlight some of the most impressive features of those golfing destinations.

This promises to be one of the most important events of its type, and there are likely to be more than 1,000 professionals from the media across 25 countries that will be getting up close with the vendors and their offerings. The Golf Channel plans to provide a substantial amount of coverage for the event, as does SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio Network

Kicking Things Off

The show will start on Tuesday the 22nd during the “World’s Largest Outdoor Demonstration Day”, which will take place at the Orange County National Golf Center. There will be nearly 200 hitting bays and 100 exhibitors, along with practice greens to help get the event underway. Those who are attending the show can speak with the designers and the company about all of the different products, items, and equipment that they will be bringing to market.

The show provides both the vendors and the professionals with a comfortable setting for looking at various wares, as well as setting up business meetings. It is important to note that the PGA Merchandise Show will only be available to those who are considered qualified golf industry professionals.

The PGA Merchandise Show for Education Conference picks up after the Demo Day. Exhibitions, allowing the professionals to experience the new Equipment Test Center and New Product Zone.

Do Not Miss the Show

If you are a professional in the golf industry, this is an event that should not be missed. Many of the products and technologies that are introduced here will be very important to the sport and hobby of golf in the coming years. It is an important event for anyone who is in the field and who needs to stay up on the latest products and the newest brands. Companies can meet with designers and vendors to develop or improve upon their relationships and to purchase items and equipment, they can take seminars from golf professionals, and much more.


The Masters – there are few other golf events carry the same sense of history and prestige. 2018 will mark the 82nd time the Masters golf tournament has been held, and the 63rd time it has been televised. It has been held at the Augusta National Golf Club since the championship’s creation in 1934.

About the Masters Championship

golf2 300x203 - The Masters Golf Tournament and the Augusta National Golf Club

Also called the US Masters and the Masters Tournament, the Masters is one of four major championships held each year within the world of professional golfing. It began in 1934, and has always been held at the Augusta National Golf Club, which was designed explicitly for that purpose by founder Bobby Jones after he purchased the former Fruitland nursery. Bobby Jones (the noted amateur champion) co-founded both the golf club and the tournament with Clifford Roberts after Jones’ 1930 grand slam win.

The Masters is part of several international golf tours. As such, it is heavily attended by both top golfing talent from around the world, and international spectators. With that being said, the Masters sees a smaller field of players due to its nature as a purely invitational event. It stands as an official money event for the PGA Tour, but also for the Japan Golf Tour, as well as the European Tour.

Quite a few unique traditions have grown up around this tournament. One of the most iconic is the champion’s green jacket, which is held by the winner for a year before returning it to the clubhouse. Another is the Champions Dinner held the Tuesday before the tournament.

As mentioned, players must be invited in order to attend the Masters. There are several ways that a player may ultimately be invited. For instance, former winners of the Masters are invited automatically. They may also be invited if they have one any of the previous five US Opens, British Opens, or PGA Championships. The top 50 golfers from the Official World Golf Ranking in the previous calendar year and from the week leading up to the current tournament are also eligible. Invitations can also be extended to top-ranked finishers in a range of notable golf championships.

About the Augusta National Golf Club

golf3 300x203 - The Masters Golf Tournament and the Augusta National Golf Club

The Augusta National Golf Club was the brainchild of Bobby Jones, who worked with investment banker Clifford Roberts and architect Alister MacKenzie to design and build a course specifically for what would become the Masters Tournament. Construction took several years, with the course finally opening in 1933, a year before the first Masters Tournament was held there.

Over time, the course has been redesigned multiple times by a range of individuals. It features several nicknamed shots, as well as iconic design elements. For instance, the Big Oak Tree is an actual oak that stands on the course and was planted during the 1850s. Ike’s Pond was named after then-General Eisenhower who suggested it be built in the first place. Interestingly, all the holes are named after a tree or shrub, which is fitting given the course’s origins as a plant nursery.


One of the most popular tournaments within the larger PGA Tour, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am usually takes place during February, and covers several high-profile golf courses. These include the Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, and the titular Pebble Beach Golf Links.

The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am actually has a relatively long history. It dates back to 1937, and was originally called the Bing Crosby National Pro-Am, although many simply called it the Crosby Clambake. The first event was held at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club in San Diego County. The tournament was put on hold in 1942 with the outbreak of WWII, and then resumed once more in 1947.

When it returned, it was a 54-hole event (as opposed to its original 18 holes), and was held near Monterey, where it remains to this day. It was eventually expanded into a 72-hole event in 1958. When the tournament resumed, it consisted of the Pebble Beach Golf Links, the Monterey Peninsula Country Club, and the Cypress Point Club. Monterey Peninsula Country Club was dropped in 1966 and replaced by Spyglass Hill.

After Crosby’s death in 1977, the family name was slowly phased out, ultimately being dropped by 1985. AT&T took on the sponsorship in 1986. Cypress Point Club was dropped in 1991 and replaced with Poppy Hills. Poppy Hills was replaced in 2009, and the Monterey Peninsula Country Club was reinstated as part of the tournament.

In terms of play style, the field initially includes 156 pro players, and 156 amateur players, each paired with one another. For the first three days, all pairs play a single round on each of the three courses in the tournament. In addition to the “better ball” format of team play, professional players also play an individual stroke format. On the last day of the tournament, pairs that have made the cut will play on Pebble Beach’s course.

Most fairways are set back in flawless parkland or affectionately set on in an excellent coastline area.

Be that as it may, there are special Golf Courses you may not know! So, we should take a look at the longest, hottest, coolest, perilous and above all weirdest Places to play Golf around the world. The increasing popularity of this sport has seen golf courses hike up in some unlikely places. Here are the strange and great Golf courses which you won’t found in the normal Golf guide:-

  1. The Longest Golf Course:

The normal round of golf more often than not keeps going a couple of hours, yet forthcoming players on the Nullarbor Links Course in southern Australia can hope to finish the course in more like four days. Measuring 848 miles long the course is the longest on the planet and traverses two time zones with holes arranged at 18 towns and administration stations pointed along the Nullarbor Plain.

1 300x203 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Hottest Golf Course: 

Located on the edge of the active volcano on Mount Merapi in Indonesia, the Merapi Golf Course is a standout amongst the most uncommon courses on the planet. The course has amazing views around and is one of just a modest bunch of courses where golf is played by active volcano in the world – in spite of the fact that the course planners are yet to incorporate lava risks.

2 300x200 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Coldest Golf Course:

Uummannaq in Greenland is the home for the World Ice Golf Championships where the whole course is laid on big chunks of icebergs and the rounds of golf are played in minus temperatures. The guidelines continue as same as the regular golf tournament in spite of the fact that the course is somewhat shorter, the gaps are somewhat bigger, the ball is orange and the courses are not green, but is white.

3 300x269 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Highest Golf Course:

If you are struggling to get distance on your drives then head to the Government Golf Course in India, State of Jammu & Kashmir’s Gulmarg. The course is the highest in the world at over 8,500 feet. The Golf course was established by British colonials in the year of 1904. The air is so thin on the course because of the altitude which means that the ball will travel further distances to increase your drive.

4 300x225 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. THE Golf Course on Airport:

Don Mueang International airport in Bangkok looks resembles to any other airport in the world from a long distance…however, on approach and right in-between the two busy runways; there is an 18-hole golf course. Imagine a Boeing 747 disrupting your drive swing!

5 300x225 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Most dangerous Golf Course:

Camp Bonifas is the nearest military base to North Korea on the border in Panmunjom and is also home to what has been named the world’s most dangerous golf course. The ‘course’ is a single hole, par three which stretches to 192 yards. This is close to the most heavily fortified border in the world. What’s more, it is not a place for a stroll in the rough either – the Golf course is ringed by landmines.6 300x217 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Nude Golf Course:

Set up in 1993 the fairway of La Jenny in France is one of only a handful couple of spots on the planet which provides sport particularly for nude golfers who want to sharpen their skills au natural. This is the only naturist & nude Golf course not only in Europe, but also in the world. La Jenny even has its own particular professional and stages various competitions consistently.7 300x136 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Crocodile Golf Course:

This impressive 18-hole, par 72 cart Golf course is located in The Palace at the Lost City, South Africa. The course spreads out more than 100 hectares with various themes for golf courses. Right from desert to mountains and parkland, you’ll find here. It incorporates an impressive 28 000m² (about 92 000ft²) area of water features, with perhaps its most famous feature is being the water hazard on the 13th hole. That is the home for Nile crocodiles! 8 300x200 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The Most Remote Golf Course:

Imagine playing golf in the Himalaya Mountains. Well now you don’t need to imagine any more.

The Royal Thimpu Golf club is in the small country of Bhutan which claims now to be the most remote golf course on the planet. This club located just outside of Bhutan’s capital Thimpu. It’s 9-hole layout that sits beside the spectacular 17th century Tashicho Dzong ( The palace & office of the King of Bhutan)

9 300x202 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

  1. The War Zone golf Course in Kabul:

Kabul Golf Club, Afghanistan is located in the Al Qaeda war zone. Golf has been played in Afghanistan for over 100 years, yet nowadays the Kabul Golf Club is known worldwide as War Zone Golf Course. These whole areas are vigorously protected by AK-47 while you’re playing. This nine-hole thriller comes with a mandatory army checkpoint, burnt-out and bombed-out greens and the chances are to putt it out for peace!

10 300x181 - 10 Most Craziest Places to Play Golf around the World

Last year, it was announced that the USGA (United States Golf Association) chose The Olympic Club to host the 76th U.S. Women’s Open in 2021. It will take place between June 3rd and 6th. The U.S. Women’s Open is considered the most important event on this sport’s annual calendar and will attract players from all over the world. It has been held every year since 1946.

The Olympic Club’s Lake Course

While this is a huge honor for the Olympic Club, it’s far from the first time this San Francisco golf course has been graced by a professional tour. In fact, the Lake Course has featured 11 USGA championships in the past. However, while it has hosted five U.S. Opens over the years, this is the first women’s championship to be decided here.

The History of the Lake Course

The first USGA championship ever contested at this course was all the way back in 1955. It was immediately one for the history books, though, as Jack Fleck defeated the legend, Ben Hogan, in what is still considered to be one of the biggest upsets ever.

Over a decade later, Arnold Palmer began the last day of play with a seven-point lead. At the end of nine holes on that Monday playoff in 1966, he had lost it to the victor, Billy Casper, making history yet again.

The Olympic Club has seen three other historic come-from-behind U.S. Open victories. Scott Simpson won in 1987; Lee Janzen took the title in 1998; and Webb Simpson came back to win it in 2012.

The Lake Course’s Design

The Lake Course has been a part of this historic club since 1927. It was designed by the course superintendent back then, Sam Whiting. 90 years later, very little has changed about the Lake Course. The challenge of this course, combined with its yesteryear feel has made it a go-to destination for top players from all over the planet for decades.

In 2021, the course will enjoy another accolade, becoming just the 12th ever to host both the men’s and women’s U.S. Open. This puts the Lake Course up there with Cherry Hills Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, CO, Oakmont (Pa.) Country Club, Pinehurst Resort & Country Club’s Course No. 2 in the Village of Pinehurst, N.C. and Champions Golf Club in Houston, which is going to host the U.S. Women’s Open at its Cypress Creek Course the year before it travels to the Lake Course.

California has been the host of 75 USGA championships. The one in 2021 will be the fourth time the U.S. Women’s Open visits the Golden State and the second time it comes to Northern California in just five years.

While it’s too early to buy tickets, you won’t want to miss the USGA Women’s Championship when it comes to the Olympic Club’s Lake Course in 2021. Of course, if you’re a woman who can get her handicap index down to 2.4 by then, you could even qualify to play. Even amateur players are welcome!