7 years later it was publicized that golf would return to the Rio Olympics, the week of rivalry has finally here. Golfers are continuing into Rio de Janeiro this week for the 60-player tournament and appear to like what they see so far.

Peoples don’t know what to imagine because no one was alive the last time golf was played in Olympic. The atmosphere seems to be more positive than in current months when the fall of golf as a future Olympic sport was allegedly widespread and plentiful.

Let’s take a look at some things you should know around 2016 Rio Olympics Golf:

The field is not strong

As in its unevenly the same as the 2015 Sony Open. That is not good. That is really not good.

Because six of the top 10 players in the world drew out

They all quoted several explanations, but here is the list of all the golfers who capable for Rio Olympic but finally pulled out of Rio. You could possibly have a higher-ranked tournament with the tags on this list than you will this week at the Olympics 2016.

Tickets are low-priced.

You can get a pass on the first three days for $15.75, which looks like a steal seeing four of the 10 best players in the world will be there. You can’t get into the John Deere Classic for that tiny. They do go up to $31.50 for the final round of both the men’s and women’s tournament, but that’s still a bargain to see the first gold medal since 1904.

The opening tee shot will rock.

Brazilian Adilson da Silva will attack the first tee shot this week in his homegrown country. That’s an excitement, of course, but he self-confessed he’s quite worried ahead of the tournament.


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