Between January 22 and 25, the PGA Merchandise Show will be held in Orlando, Florida. This promises to be a huge event with more than 40,000 professionals from the golf industry getting together at the Orange County Convention Center.

There will be a a lot of new golf-related equipment and merchandise from a range of vendors shown at the event. This will give professionals an inside look at some of the upcoming products.

What Types of Items Will Be Displayed?

Vendors who are coming to the event will have many different types of items with them to present at the PGA Merchandise Show. Some of the items include golf clothing and apparel, bags, balls, trophies, and awards, food, equipment, gifts, services, training aids, various types of technology, and more. In addition, there will even be information on travel destinations. Some of the most impressive golf travel destinations today are located in places such as China, Ireland, Scotland, and the Dominican Republic. Representatives from resorts in those countries will be on hand to highlight some of the most impressive features of those golfing destinations.

This promises to be one of the most important events of its type, and there are likely to be more than 1,000 professionals from the media across 25 countries that will be getting up close with the vendors and their offerings. The Golf Channel plans to provide a substantial amount of coverage for the event, as does SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio Network

Kicking Things Off

The show will start on Tuesday the 22nd during the “World’s Largest Outdoor Demonstration Day”, which will take place at the Orange County National Golf Center. There will be nearly 200 hitting bays and 100 exhibitors, along with practice greens to help get the event underway. Those who are attending the show can speak with the designers and the company about all of the different products, items, and equipment that they will be bringing to market.

The show provides both the vendors and the professionals with a comfortable setting for looking at various wares, as well as setting up business meetings. It is important to note that the PGA Merchandise Show will only be available to those who are considered qualified golf industry professionals.

The PGA Merchandise Show for Education Conference picks up after the Demo Day. Exhibitions, allowing the professionals to experience the new Equipment Test Center and New Product Zone.

Do Not Miss the Show

If you are a professional in the golf industry, this is an event that should not be missed. Many of the products and technologies that are introduced here will be very important to the sport and hobby of golf in the coming years. It is an important event for anyone who is in the field and who needs to stay up on the latest products and the newest brands. Companies can meet with designers and vendors to develop or improve upon their relationships and to purchase items and equipment, they can take seminars from golf professionals, and much more.



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