tips to improve your swing
While there is plenty you can do to improve your swing, some of it is pretty involved. What if you’re just looking for a few simple tips, tricks, and advice to try out? Sometimes that’s all it takes. In this blog we’ll take a look at some simple tips you can incorporate into your game that can really improve your swing. These are meant to be the basic steps that every golfer should apply to their swing, but you may not know about them, may be performing them wrong, or you’ve just let the basics fall by the wayside.

Focus on Your Balance

Yes we know this sounds incredibly basic, but all too often golfers get distracted by other elements and forget all about their balance. If you’re not staying balanced through your swing, then you’re not going to get good results. In fact, the experts state that if you’re out of balance it doesn’t matter what else you do, nothing will help. You can go ahead and apply every other technique perfectly, but the lack of balance will mess it up.

Obviously this is much easier said than done. A good exercise is to practice your swing paying attention to your balance and nothing else. Learn how being “balanced” feels, and figure out your way to achieve it. Once you’ve mastered balance, then you can move on to the next tips. A cool exercise to try when practicing your balance is to stand with your feet on a narrow long piece of foam. Don’t expect this to be easy, and that’s the whole point. By figuring out how to balance on the foam, you can soon move to the ground and suddenly reaching that point of balance will be a whole lot easier.

Get Your Power from Your Body

In order to carry your ball far you need power in your swing. So where does that power come from? All too often golfers over-exert the muscles in their arms thinking that’s where the power comes from. In fact the power should be coming from your body. This means your body is what moves the club, not your hands. This can be a tricky one to master, especially if you’ve been using your hands and arms this whole time.

Check Hand Placement

The placement of your hands plays a big role in your golf swing. If they aren’t in the right location, your swing will suffer. So where is that right and perfect hand location? Keep this rule in mind – your hands should be low as you come to a finish in your swing.

Video Your Swing

Sometimes even when we know what it is we have to do, it can be hard to adjust your swing. You may want to have a friend video your swing. There’s no better way to see where you’re going wrong then by viewing yourself in motion. The pros do this all the time, and for good reason. You can really study your stance, your follow through, your grip, everything. This is a wonderful way to pinpoint your weaknesses. As you work on making improvements get your friend to video you again so you can compare the two. By comparing the two videos you’ll see where you have improved and what areas you still need to work on.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In addition, when it comes down to it the number one tip is to practice, practice, practice. No matter how frustrating it can seem, the more you practice the easier it will become, and the more polished your swing will get.


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