Don’t Play Golf

Golf is really luxurious and playing it will make you unfulfilled and unhappy. Sometimes you’ll success a great shot and you’ll be like: “I got this!” But then you’ll go right back to slurping, that brief sight of competence now mocking your continued disappointment. It’s best to just never start playing golf. If you want to be unfulfilled and unhappy, you have your normal everyday life. And that’s free actually.

Buy Some Brand New Clubs

Still here? Well, don’t say you weren’t warned.
Whatever is new and has a big show for it at the golf garage is the clubs you should purchase. They’ll be the newest “must-have” clubs everybody is buying. You should get these bats because then you’ll know you have top-of-the-line kit. And then you won’t be able to blame your bats on all of the sucking that you’re about to do on the course. You’ll know every fault is 100-percent on good-for-nothing you. It’s release, in a way.

Go to the Driving Range

The best way to advance at golf is to apply hours at the driving range purifying your swing. However, as a trainee, you don’t really have a swing to improve yet. Instead, use your God-awful swipe to just try to hit the guy in the golf-ball-picker-upper tractor for a though. A straight hit is the nearby thing persons who suck at golf will ever feel to winning a key.

Grip the Club Properly

Don’t hold the club like a baseball bat. That’s a thing everybody says to beginning golf players, so it requests to be said here, too. Also, wear a golf glove, not a baseball glove. Why would I wear a baseball glove? you might ask. I don’t know. You were just fascinating the club like a baseball bat. How am I imaginary to know exactly where you land on the scale of foolishness?

Take a Practice Swing

Take a full exercise swing and imagine in your mind the ball’s aeronautical and where it will land. Imagine it really really really good since this fantasy part is as good as it’s going to get. It’s all simple from here.

Clear Your Mind or Have Minimal Swing Thoughts

When you discourse the golf ball and are about to swing, you don’t want to have your head full of all kinds of disturbing thoughts. It’s best to clear your mind and let your characters take over OR just have a few basic swing prompts in your head. Inappropriately, you’re going to find yourself thinking about not thinking too much, which will mean you’re thoughtful too much. You’re totally bolted.


Take the club back and swing. Don’t concern too much about having a “textbook” swing. Everybody has a swing that’s exclusive and natural to them. For example, Jim Furyk has a very unconventional swing and he’s one of the best golfers in the world. Granted, that is an exclusive story. Your swing will most likely look horrible AND produce horrifying results. But you get the point.

Follow Through

After influence, make a nice, high follow finished, just as you see the pros do. This both looks good and promotes a full, smooth swing. While you’re looking like a pro, in your head have an fantasy gallery yell things like “YOU DA MAN!,” “GET IN THE HOLE!” and “MASHED POTATOES!” Also, there’s this actually hot girl in your gallery who keeps making eyes at you.


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