TPC Harding Park 
The TPC Harding Park has a legendary history it constructed in 1952 design by Sam Whiting and Willie Watson. TPC Harding Park is known and considered one of the country’s most premium and luxurious public golf course. After opening its starting to host amateur events.
TPC Harding Park hosted National Public Championship and City Championship. TPC Park honored many golf champions. By the end of the 1960’s, though, financial cuts left Harding Park in unfortunate disorder. No longer host to the PGA TOUR, it seemed all but settled that Harding’s beauty days were relegated to the past.
In July of 2014, the PGA TOUR, the PGA of USA, and The City and Region of San Francisco publicized an extraordinary corporation to bring the 2015 World Golf Championship Match Play, 2020 PGA Championship, and 2025 Presidents Cup to TPC Harding Park.

Standard **
-$157 $177
Standard Twilight
-$87 $102
Standard Junior
-$78 $89
Bay Area ***
-$92 $102
Bay Area Twilight ***
-$73 $82
Bay Area Junior ***
-$46 $51
San Francisco Resident
-$54 $68
San Francisco Resident Twilight
-$43 $52
San Francisco Resident Senior ****
-$39 $68
San Francisco Resident Junior
-$21 $26
Tournament **
-$127 $137

Lincoln Park Golf Course is one of the most highly and traditional public golf courses in the earth, managing the Golden Gate Bridge and nearby the historic art museum at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.
Lincoln Park Golf Course constructed in 1902, the course is design by many architectures, counting the legend architect Tom Bende low. The land of the course is 5,416 yards; this par 68 golf course pays homage to the days of hickory.
$40 $44
Standard Junior
$20 $22
San Francisco Resident
$26 $31
San Francisco Resident Senior **
$16 $24
San Francisco Resident Junior
$13 $18
Back Nine
$15 $20
$24 $30
$46 $56
TPC Fleming is a 9-hole golf course situated in the inner of TPC Harding Park. Built in 1961, TPC Fleming is a par 30 huge course that accouters 2,165 yards, from back tee and 1,865 from forward tees. Although the course was designed to for all type of golfers, form beginners too professional.

$28 $33
San Francisco Resident
$23 $25
San Francisco Resident**
$17 $22
San Francisco Resident Junior
$13 $16
$33 $44
$13 $13



Sharp Park Golf Course is a traditional seaside links, planed by outstanding architect Alister MacKenzie, who also designed home of the Masters Tournament, Cypress point and many of the creation’s most esteemed courses.
$43 $47
Standard Junior
$22 $24
San Francisco Resident
$27 $32
San Francisco Resident Senior **
$17 $25
San Francisco Resident Junior
$14 $19
Back Nine
$16 $21
$25 $31
$49 $59

Las Vegas is the city of thrill, excitement, relax, fun and playing various sports. Alongside, casino many tourist and locals are interested in Golf. There are several outdoor and indoor Golf course in Las Vegas for Golf lovers and professionals. Before you start your dream golfing you need equipment to get ready for the field. There are many equipment’s updated continently. For professional that’s an upgrade and for beginner’s that’s first step. So we made a list of Golf stores in Las Vegas.


Vegas Golf (Store)


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Golf Galaxy (Store)


Whether you’re a pro golfer or just getting started on the green golf course, Golf Galaxy, in Las Vegas, will give you everything you need to progress in your game. The experts at Golf Galaxy offer a wide range of in-store facilities, from driver fittings to grip furnishings.


They use state-of-the-art technology to examine your swing and give you a modified lesson from a PGA/LPGA professional (expert or trainer).


You can book your golf lessons online. Choose a solo session if you want to progress in your swing, or a package of lessons if you’re looking to raise your game to the next level.


At Golf Galaxy, they are committed to helping you advance your skills. Not only do we offer the best golf clubs, but we deliver custom golf club fitting facilities and golf club repair to confirm you’re getting the most out of your equipment. Let the Las Vegas, Nevada Golf Galaxy help you become the most poised and skilled athlete on the course.

Golf takes lots of observe, tolerance and determination to best at golf. If you’re already smart at golf, then you’ve little doubt heard of “Topgolf”. whether or not you’re trying to up your game during an arranged back social atmosphere or you’ve ne’er touched a golf club in your life, “Topgolf” is that the premier golf amusement complex wherever the competition of sport meets your favorite native hangout. When recently opening in Las Vegas “Topgolf” is that the biggest ever designed.

While a typical “Topgolf” prices $18 million to make, this isn’t your typical “Topgolf”. This monster MGM Grand institution is that the solely non-casino to occupy eight acres on the strip and is calculable to possess value quite $50 million. “Topgolf” Vegas is sort of double the scale of the common “Topgolf”, four stories rather than the everyday 3, and may accommodate 750 a lot of individuals than the common “Topgolf”.
The food you discover won’t be your typical “Topgolf” yank cuisine either. With selections like wok-charred edamame, Greek chicken and margherita breadstuff dish, the menu was clearly designed with a world charm.


From its concert venue and personal cabanas and pools to its exciting read of the Vegas skyline, everything regarding “Topgolf” screams luxury. Northwest Door is proud to mention that our outsized black anodized industrial aluminum door with black powder coated track and hardware was enclosed in their vision. At 21’ x 13’, this huge top side door separates the “Chairman’s Suite” from the vary.