Top Five Golfing Apps
Nowadays it seems like there is an app for everything, and golf is no exception. In fact try typing in “golf” in your app store and just look at the amount of apps that pop up. Some of them can help you with your game, others will make it easier to score the game, and some actually lay out the whole course on your screen so you can choose your clubs wisely. Here’s a look at five of the top iTunes golfing apps out there that you’ll want to check out.


  1. Golf GPS & Scorecard

    This app is absolutely loaded with tools and features all meant to make your game that much smoother. It acts as a scorecard and a GPS range finder that details all of the obstacles you’ll find on the course, as well as your distance to the green’s center. This information can prove especially handy if it’s your first time playing the course and you’re unsure of the layout. As far as the scorecard goes, you can keep score for up to four players. It supports a variety of games, which are Stableford, Skins, Stroke Play, Nassau, Match Play, and Syndicates.

  3. V1 Golf
  4. Have you ever wondered how your swing stacks up to that of the pros? Well there’s no need to wonder because this app makes it possible for you to take your swing and compare it to more than 50 swings from the pros. This is a great way to see where you can make improvements and what you’re currently doing right with your swing. Of course there’s all kind of added tools to make this one all the more fun.

  5. Swingbot
  6. One of the best ways to improve your game is to improve your swing, and that’s where Swingbot can be of assistance. This app is able to effectively analyze your swing and give you feedback on it. It’s like having your own instructor at your side that can tell you where you’re going wrong. Within just minutes, you are given tips from the instructor that is based on your individual swing. Go ahead and take advantage of golf lessons, view a variety of videos, and even record practice swings.

  7. Expert Golf – Golf Rules Quick Reference
  8. Have you ever been out on the course with your buddies and suddenly an issue comes up and you can’t quite agree on what the rules are? This is the perfect time to refer to the Expert Golf app. Literally, you’ll be able to settle an argument within seconds so you can get back to playing the game. To help walk you through the official rules there are videos, animated illustrations, and graphics so that there’s no question left. It’s the perfect companion tool for the next time you head out on the links.

  9. My Pro to Go

Here’s another app that is meant to help you improve your golf swing in dramatic ways. The My Pro to Go app allows golfers to take video of their swing, and then they “submit” the video to the pros of the app. From there the pro will analyze what they see and send a “follow-up reply”. This reply will contain tips, advice, and information on how to improve their swing. Think of it as your own private golf instructor helping you through various lessons.

Take Advantage of the Technology

It’s amazing how handy and easy these apps are to use, and there’s the fact they truly can help your game in a big way. You may want to download a few of these, as they are all unique in their own way.


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