Top Signs - Need New Clubs
When it comes to playing sports the quality of your equipment makes a huge difference in how you play the game. Without the right equipment, or equipment that is performing correctly, your game is going to suffer in a big way. Golf is no exception to this rule. In fact, it can be argued that a massive part of your game is based on your clubs and balls, regardless of your experience. So with that said, how do you know when it’s time to buy new clubs? They aren’t cheap so you don’t want to rush into a big purchase if it isn’t necessary, so let’s take a look at some of the top signs it’s time for a new set.


The Age of Your Clubs

While age alone isn’t the deciding factor, it plays a very large role in the decision-making process. The experts suggest that if your clubs are more than three years old, and you are an avid golfer who gets out there often, then there’s a good chance it’s time for new clubs. Think about technology and how much it changes in just a year, never mind three years. The same goes for the materials that are being used and how the equipment is made and put together. Obviously you can’t always have the latest greatest piece of equipment, but at the same time investing in new technology often helps your game.

Some of the things that can change are the size of the club heads, the material that is used in the club, the weight of the club, the grip on the club, and more. All of these factors will greatly impact your game.

If Your Clubs are Damaged

This one is pretty much a giveaway. If your clubs are damaged, as in bent, nicked, or any other type of damage, then you can bet it is affecting your game in a negative way. Now if you only have one club that is damaged, you may be able to get away with just replacing that one iron as a short-term solution. This gives you a chance to save up for a brand new, complete set.

Has Your Game Changed?

Golf is one of those sports where you are constantly trying to improve, which means changing up your stance, your swing, and just the way you play in general. What might have worked for you last year, may not work for you this year. As your game changes, the equipment you need will also change. Your current clubs may not be the best option for your new techniques and could be holding you back from realizing your full potential.

Along the same lines, if your game has suddenly improved and your handicap has gotten better, then you will probably want to upgrade your equipment so it doesn’t end up becoming a liability to your game.

Your Own Age

Yes we’ve talked about the age of your clubs being a factor in the decision making process, but your own age is also a factor. If you are now a “senior” player, then you need golf clubs that are ideal for your age group. Your old clubs that you bought when you were younger just aren’t going to cut it in your golden years. The experts suggest that older players tend to require a shaft that has flex in it and gives slightly when swinging it.

You Know Best

The above mentioned factors are great ones to consider as you think about purchasing new clubs, but ultimately you know better than anyone if it’s time to make an investment.


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