Golf clubs buying tips
You have thought and thought about it, weighed both sides, and you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to invest in a new set of clubs. While that’s pretty exciting, when you get to the actual pro shop or sporting goods store it can suddenly become overwhelming with all the options out there. So how do you prepare yourself for the shopping experience so that you get the best clubs for your game? Here’s a few things to keep in mind before hitting up the stores.


How Often Do You Golf?

The first thing to consider and ask yourself is how often you golf? Are you an avid golfer that is out there a few times a week all season long, or do you play on a less regular basis? For those who are out there all the time, you’re going to need a more durable set that can stand up over time. If you’re playing just here and there, you may be able to get away with a cheaper set as the wear and tear will build slowly over time instead.

How Experienced Are You?

Now this can be a tough question to answer because it requires you to be brutally honest about your skill level. Your skill level will determine what kind of clubs you need, so if you aren’t truthful in your level then your clubs won’t be able to perform to their fullest extent. Did you know that by buying the right clubs for your skill level you can actually end up bettering your game? So as you can see, being honest is definitely the way to go.

Get Professional Feedback First

Before you even start your shopping experience a great idea is to get some feedback from a pro. An even better idea is to actually take a golf lesson and see what they have to say about your form. This feedback can then be relayed to the salesperson so the two of you can come up with the best options for your game.

Along these same lines you may also want to see how you do on a launch monitor. This will uncover a lot of information about your swing, which can then be used to help you pick the best clubs that not only work with you, but also better your game.

Get a Clubfitting

A clubfitting is a very simple procedure and can be done online, or at your local pro shop. Expect it to take about a half an hour in total. The pro will ask you some questions as well as take measurements. This information will then come in very handy in your shopping process.

Set Your Budget

Of course we’d all like to shop without a care in the world for budget, but the fact is that most people have a budget they need to stick to. Set this budget before you start your shopping experience, and let the salesperson know what it is from the start. The worst would be to find that “perfect” set of clubs that are way out of your price range because you didn’t tell the salesperson what your budget was.

Do Your Research

Lastly, you may want to do a little research online as far as consumer reviews of brands and clubs. Obviously each person has their own opinion, but it can still be helpful to read through feedback and hear about the experiences of others. You may even want to jot down questions that pop up as you go and pose them to the salesperson that you end up working with.


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