TPC Harding Park constructed in 1925. After Harding Park is constructed, it’s began hosting amateur events including NPLC and San Francisco City Championship. In 1944 TPC Harding Park hosted PAG tour. Near 1960 Harding park in is poor condition. In 1998 the course was used for parking cars, The darkest days of Harding Park. More than seven years its used as parking lot, but in October 2010 Harding Park was finally rebirth with PGA Tours respects. TPC Harding Park now have international standard for upcoming golf events.

TPC Harding Park offers 2 spectacular courses that are open to the general public – Harding Park and Fleming nine. The combined 18 hole Harding Park and Fleming nine hole courses produce not solely a difficult experience for every participant, but additionally a scenic one, while amidst lush vegetation, towering, unique town Cypress trees, and tranquil Lake Merced.
TPC Harding Park has been honored as 13 Municipal Golf Course within the USA as well because the 24 Best Course to Play in California by Golf Week Magazine.


Standard ** – $156-$176

Standard Twilight – $86-$101

Standard Junior – $78-$89

Bay Area ***- $91-$101

Bay Area Twilight ***- $72-$81

Bay Area Junior ***- $46-$51

San Francisco Resident – $53-$67

San Francisco Resident Twilight – $42-$51

San Francisco Resident Senior ****- $38-$67

San Francisco Resident Junior- $21-$26

Tournament **- $126-$136


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