Makeup of a Golf Club

Your golf clubs are far and beyond the most important piece of equipment in your golf game, so with that said it’s important to take your time and invest in the right set for you. Usually it’s based on your swing, your skill level, how often you play, and of course your budget. Taking all these factors into consideration there are a few main types of golf clubs made from different materials, so we’ll take a look at them and highlight the key points of each.


The Makeup of a Golf Club


Before discussing the materials that are used, let’s identify the different aspects of your golf club. The grip is where you’ll be hanging on to the club with your hands at the top. Rubber is typically used for the grip so that it doesn’t slip as you swing it. The shaft is the length of the golf club, and this is where you’ll find a difference of materials being used. These materials will change up the flexibility of the shaft and the weight of it. Lastly is the head of the club, the part that hits the ball. Again this part of the club can be made out of different materials that will react differently with the ball as you hit it.


While you may not think the material of the golf club makes much of a difference, the fact is that it has a huge impact on how the club performs.


Shaft Materials


The first decision you’ll be faced with is picking the best shaft material for your style of gameplay. Keep in mind that the shaft material is dependent on individual factors, not what is currently the most popular brand. There are two types of shafts – you can get a steel shaft club or a graphite shaft. It used to be that anyone on a tight budget automatically had to count the graphite models out, but nowadays they have come down a lot in price which means they now fit into the budget of most shoppers.


The main difference here is that the graphite shaft is much much lighter. This makes it ideal for seniors, women, those people who have joint problems, and even if you tend to have a swing that is slow in speed. What’s really noticeable is if you pick up a golf bag filled with clubs made of graphite versus steel.


Graphite does have its downfalls though. For instance it doesn’t have as much flexibility to it. Also, if you don’t have a swing that is perfected and quite good, it tends to make your issues bigger and more noticeable.


Steel shafts can be a great option if you tend to be at a higher level of skill. It’s able to make vibrations travel up the shaft all the way to your hands, so you can actually feel how well you’re hitting the ball. If you find you’ve been swinging too fast, the weight of this club can help to slow down the swing.


Club Heads


When it comes to the head of your golf club you’ll find that the most common materials are titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel. Besides being made from different materials they also are different sizes, weights, and even styles. In this sense there are more options to choose from with the club heads. All of these factors will influence the speed, the distance that you can hit your ball, and they will ultimately affect your swing.


Ask the Pro


The best piece of advice for anyone looking to purchase a new set of clubs is to head to their local pro shop and ask for advice. They will be able to analyze your swing and point you in the right direction.


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